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Our Vision

We see Lucky Seven as an ecosystem that will propagate the company donation culture by working alongside various humanitarian organizations. Our platforms will be the medium for companies, merchants, and individuals to participate in the act of giving.We will provide a profitable, expandable, safe, and stable platform through our native currency, LST Token, by which we will be optimizing the fees from the Lucky Pay kiosks and other transactions within the ecosystem.

Lucky Seven About
Lucky Seven Values

Our Values

We at Lucky Seven are working side-by-side with several aid organizations, building an ecosystem that promotes philanthropic initiatives.

  • Lucky Seven Values


    Giving to others is a noble deed. But we do not intend to leave charitable acts unrewarded. With Lucky Seven, you can earn as you give.

  • Lucky Seven Values


    Lucky Seven is an ecosystem that is composed of several components, each unique in their own functions but all contribute to the bigger.

  • Lucky Seven Values


    Lucky Seven is maintained by blockchain developers, corporate experts, and partner organizations that know our platform & technology well.

  • Lucky Seven Values


    Our platform uses blockchain technology, which has proven to possess top-notch safety and security features to protect user interests.

The Lucky Seven Network

Our network is composed of charitable organizations, SMEs, telecommunications companies, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and other concerned citizens who believe in the impact of charity and decentralization. Specifically, our network was built out of the pressing need to improve the quality of life of the less-privileged members of the society, which may include unfed children, and financially-challenged individuals, marginalized persons, and other groups that are considered to be minorities.

Lucky Seven Network

Lucky Seven Token (LST)

With the use of blockchain technology, we are issuing our Lucky Seven Token, which will prove pivotal to the Lucky Seven network.

Lucky Seven Token

Arbitrage Transaction Platform

This is a DApp which will be available for users to make profits by trading a wide assortment of assets.

Lucky Seven Token

Lucky Seven Mobile Wallet

This is a wallet application that can be downloaded on any mobile device that stores the user’s fiat debit and credit accounts, as well as LST funds.

Lucky Seven Token

LST Payment System

As part of our partnership with various telecoms firms, SMEs, and charitable organizations, we facilitate seamless online transactions for our users.

Lucky Seven Token

Open Market

Partnering with a number of shopping retailers and SMEs, LST token users can purchase the hottest commodities and services available.

Lucky Seven Token

Live Star Platform

This is a live-streaming platform where charity organizations and individuals who need assistance can explain their needs.

Lucky Pay Kiosks

Lucky Pay is an exciting platform wherein members can make payments and other transactions through our Lucky Pay kiosks. Each transaction will have fees that will empower the Lucky Seven Foundation to mobilize its charity initiatives.

Lucky Seven Kiosks
  • Recharge mobile debits & credits

  • Convert fiat assets to crypto

  • Make charity donations

  • Pay their utility bills

Users who utilize our kiosks can have a chance to make a Lucky Pay, wherein they can win Lucky Seven Token (LST) in prizes! Our system will also pick lucky seven users who will receive LST in every raffle draw.


This is a live-streaming platform where charity organizations and individuals who need assistance can explain their needs.

Lucky Seven Foundation

Lucky Seven Foundation

Our foundation exists to forward the cause of charity. We are led by a number of conscientious and highly-qualified individuals who will embody our values and realize our vision. Our cause is supported by well-abled corporations, telecommunications companies, and humanitarian and non-government organizations that share a common cause. We are actively looking for more members who will further spread the initiative of giving. All of our members’ efforts will not be in vain, as these will proceed to our initiatives. Furthermore, we have developed a unique system wherein we will reward lucky members with LST and other exclusive perks.


Piqued your interest in our network and services? Read our whitepaper to know how we will do it.

Executive Board

we are proud of our great team. He is one of the most motivated and is always ready and willing to help out where needed.

Lucky Seven Team

James Park


James takes the lead for Lucky Seven’s vision. For almost 5 years now, he serves as the CEO of Casieo Singapore, a private tech company that focuses on developing software and programming solutions. With his strong skillset, he has proven himself as an effective corporate business leader.

Lucky Seven Team

Ashik Ayoob Khan


Ashik has assumed command of various IT teams in the past, having years of combined experience in development, blockchain analysis & development, and design. He oversees all of the technical aspects of Lucky Seven, making sure that its system will scale according to expectations.

Lance Ebreo


Lance is just the perfect CMO for Lucky Seven. She has proven her competitiveness in brand development for many years. What is more, she is an all-around marketer who can write content, make graphic design, build successful brands, and execute effective marketing campaigns.

Development Team

Lucky Seven Team

Sarath Nakshatra

Blockchain Developer

Sarath is a blockchain programmer with a decade of experience. Before joining Lucky Seven, he is a programmer who is exposed to working for the financial services industry. He is highly-skilled in Solidity, Java, Python, even though his favorite programming language is still C++.

Leo Angelo Roxas

Blockchain Developer

Leo Angelo is a blockchain and full stack developer who joined a number of blockchain-based projects in many Asian countries. He is adept at C++, Java, and PHP. He once worked as a freelancer who has a stellar reputation before ultimately assisting Lucky Seven in its endeavors.

Lucky Seven Team

Guirdonan Roland

Blockchain Developer

As a software engineer specializing in application security for over 5 years, Roland has proven himself one of the top assets of the company in terms of cybersecurity. With the advent of blockchain technology, he has fortified his technical knowledge in the said industry.

Lucky Seven Team

Tariq Farah

Application Developer

Tariq is the go-to guy for application development. He primarily focuses on the development of Lucky Seven’s wallet application interface and features, making sure that the platform will be able to sync with other devices and protocols within its unique philanthropic ecosystem.

Marketing Team

Lucky Seven Team

Ananthi Reeta

Digital Marketing

Ananthi is an expert in social media marketing and has proven to be effective in growing the social media communities of the projects that she has handled in the past. She studies the latest trends across various social media platforms to implement the most efficient practices.

Lucky Seven Team

Chinbat Sora

Digital Marketing

Chinbat is the search engine optimization expert of Lucky Seven. She does the link-building, on-page and off-page SEO, to name a few. She is also keen on researching more effective campaigns to help his brand reach its appropriate audiences. She also writes the content for Lucky Seven.


Lucky Seven Team

Rudy Mandap


Rudy has worked in various corporate and fintech industries for a span of 8 years. With great interpersonal, brand management, negotiation, and leadership skills, he has driven her team to growth and success. Presently, he focuses on blockchain-based start-ups.

Lucky Seven Team

Shameer Alsab


With a thorough understanding of the corporate culture and structure, Shameer has provided pivotal insights to help Lucky Seven attain its lofty vision. He is a blockchain and crypto believer who helps organizations integrate the said technology into their systems and services.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Lucky Seven is a blockchain-based donation system that offers a number of services. We are composed of individuals who partner with charitable organizations, small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs), and other conscientious individuals for philanthropic purposes.

Lucky Seven leverages blockchain technology to provide better solutions for charity. Aside from being a conduit of donation initiatives, we provide perks for philanthropist by giving them rewards for their community services.

Lucky Seven a number of services to users. One example is the Lucky Seven Mobile Wallet, which is a digital wallet app that enables users to perform a number of crypto-based transactions. We also have Lucky Pay kiosks, which are machines that are accessible in public places. Users can perform P2P payments, replenish their mobile balance, purchase cryptocurrency, and more.

With the use of blockchain technology, users can purchase Lucky Seven Token (LST) which will be the chief means of collecting funds to be given to persons and groups needing immediate help. LST can be obtained by buying it with fiat money and other cryptocurrencies.

Lucky Seven prides itself on creating a system in which donators and members of the community can be incentivized for supporting our charity initiatives. Also, we use cryptocurrency’s underpinning technology — blockchain — to facilitate seamless transfer of value.